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DivyaDham is an organic incense manufacturing company that has been providing quality incense products to customers since 2014. We pride ourselves on using only the finest natural ingredients to create fragrances that are sure to bring peace and relaxation to any home or office. Our incense sticks, cones, and dhoop sticks are made from all-natural, organic plant-based materials, and are chemical-free and non-toxic.

We also use traditional Indian methods to create our incense, giving you the best possible product. Our selection of fragrances is diverse and includes everything from floral scents to spicy aromas. We strive to provide our customers with a pleasant and unique experience, and our products are sure to please even the most discerning of noses. If you're looking for a high-quality organic incense, then DivyaDham is the perfect choice.

About the Founder

Debasis Pradhan is the founder of an organic incense manufacturing company, specializing in incense sticks made from Temple flower. He started his business in 2007, with an aim to bring a natural blend of organic herbs and flowers.

Debasis began his journey of entrepreneurship with a vision to spread fragrance not just in homes and temples, but also in people’s lives with a broad range of incense products and natural healing aids. He has thoroughly researched on the various traditional methods of making incense over the past few years to build a range of incense products that are natural, earth-friendly and therapeutic.

Having grown up in an environment of richness in tradition and culture, Debasis is keen to create a platform for users to experience the wonderful healing effects of natural incense. He has built a strong network of farmers, healers and experts behind bringing to life his dream of making traditional incense more accessible to people.

Debasis has also successfully achieved an excellent reputation in the industry for his ethical practices and traditional methods of business.


Incense Stick Made from Sacred Flower Most of the Products are made from made from sacred flowers, which is commonly used in spiritual ceremonies across many different cultures and religions. It is typically made by drying and crushing the petals of sacred flowers, such as jasmine or lotus, and then blending them with fragrant woods and herbs.


The resulting incense is then burned to create a pleasant aroma that is believed to promote feelings of peace, calm, and well-being. Many people also believe that burning sacred flower incense can bring spiritual protection and healing properties.

We make Charcoal Free Incense Sticks

We at DivyaDham, mainly focusing on making Charcoal free incense. Charcoal free incense is a type of incense that does not use charcoal as a burning agent. Instead, it usually uses plant-based ingredients such as essential oils, herbs, spices, and resins.


This type of incense is often used for spiritual purposes, such as meditation and ritual ceremonies. Charcoal free incense produces a milder aroma than charcoal-based incense, and may be a healthier option for people with sensitivities to smoke and fragrances. Such incense sticks are harmless because no synthetic chemicals used in it.

Supporting Local Farmers

Currently DivyaDham is Supporting Local farmers, we help them buying all of their un sold flowers & we process them along with the sacred flowers collected from Various temples in our Factory.


The main Aim of DivyaDham, buying products from local businesses because this has become increasingly popular as an alternative to buying from large, national or international companies. Local sourcing has a number of benefits, including supporting the local economy, reducing environmental impacts associated with transportation, and providing access to unique, high-quality products. 

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