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Our Dhuna Chandan Agarabatti is the perfect solution to help purify your sacred spaces and fill them with the sweet aroma of chandan and sandalwood. Crafted in India from natural ingredients, this aromatic incense features a special blend of floral, woody, and warm tones that create a refreshing atmosphere wherever it is burnt. This agarabatti is also known to enhance the meditative experience and awaken our spiritual awareness. Its distinct fragrance will bring peace and joy to your senses and promote overall wellbeing.

Prabhu Darshan - Dhuna Chandan Agarbatti

SKU: 0749565472876
₹80.00 Regular Price
₹70.00Sale Price
  • This Product Made with Following Ingredients. We tried our best not to add any kind of Chemical based Colours, Synthetic Fragrance and this product is 100% Organic Products.



    • Sacred Flower Powder
    • Sandal Wood Powder
    • Dhoona/Damar Batu Powder
    • Sandalwood Oil
    • Joss Powder
    • Bhimsheni Kapoor
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