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This DivyaDham Herbal Sambrani Powder is a 100% natural, 80 gm. dhoop powder. It is a traditional Indian incense made from a blend of natural herbs and resins, producing a sweet and calming aroma. This uplifting scent is perfect for use during meditation, prayer, and other relaxation rituals. The natural ingredients ensure that you can enjoy the calming benefits of this incense without any worry of synthetic additives.


You can use it for smudging purposes, even you can add it to your empty Hawan Cups and smudge it. 


NOTE: It's main Base is Natural Gugul which nature is little Sticky So when it come to contact of Air it Might get little harder, so if possible try to keep it air tight, if you found it little hard then you can break it in to little chunks and use it. We are not able to change the Composition because it's not fancy Item, Gugul has several Healing Power If we reduce the Quantity then the Healing Nature won't be there. So we thought to share this fact because our main aim is to help people and heal them not to earn money only and make this product commercialize. 


For any doubt or question please conenct with us on WhatsApp: 9090334455

DivyaDham Herbal Sambrani Powder 80 gm. (FREE SPOON Inside)

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₹170.00 Regular Price
₹80.00Sale Price
  • This DivyaDham Herbal Sambrani Powder is a 100% natural, 80 gm. dhoop powder that is perfect for any occasion. When burned, it releases a pleasant, mild aroma that provides a sense of peace and relaxation. It is a perfect addition to any home or office and is sure to become a favorite of anyone who experiences its calming effects.


    • Original Natural Loban Benzoin
    • Isoborneol Flakes
    • Sandalwood Powder
    • American White Sage Leaves Powder and some other Secret Ingredients Added to this Pack.
    • Due to Natural Guggal Resin Powder Might form Little Sticky but easily breakable by fingers.

    NOTE: If you feel negativity in your home, office, godown or any work place just like you feel the presence of negative Enery, sudden change of room temperature, mind swing etc... or found sudden changes to your family member's mood then try this Pack. Below I am mentioning the procedure of using it, Just follow this step.

    1: Take some charcoal in any pot and add fire to it, if you don't have charcoal then you can use coconut Husk and add fire to it, once fire catces properly then bloe the fire so that the material will be ready to for smudging 

    2: Then add 5-10gm of Sambrani Powder or you can add as per your requirements then spread the Holy smoke in your entire home and at last keep the pot in the affected area where you found the issue is coming from. Just do this procedure in early morning and at the time of evening.

    If you will do this regular manner trust me you will feel the changes in your home. These products are not at all synthetic product you can treat it like a medicine for your Home and for your upset life.

    If you found issue with getting charcoal or Coconut husk just contact us we will arrange it for you.

    The product cost is very afforable and pocket friendly, anyone can afford this easily, so just try it once for few weeks. If the palce is affected recently with any negative energy it will get fixed soon but for older issues it will take some time but it will work in 90% of cases.


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