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Experience pure and natural fragrance with DivyaDham Original Bhimseni Camphor. This 100g pack contains Bhimseni Camphor, which is known for its high quality and purity. It's also known as ISOBORNEOL FLAKES, this camphor is free from any harmful chemicals.
Use this Natural Bhimseni Kapoor in your daily puja or meditation practices to create a calming and refreshing environment.

DivyaDham Original Bhimseni Camphor 100g.

₹190.00 Regular Price
₹140.00Sale Price
  • DivyaDham Original Bhimseni Camphor 100g. is a pure and natural product that will enhance your meditation and spiritual practices.

    Benefits of Using Bhimseni Camphor:

    • Removes Negativity & Evil Power from Home
    • Can be used as Aroma Therapy
    • You Can use it as Air Freshner and use in Home, Car etc...
    • If you have any Join pain then you Can Use it with Oil

    Note: For Detailed Health Benefits you Can Conenct with us on WhatsApp.

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